New: Live preview mode and an Unsplash integration (200k+ free images)

New: Live preview mode and an Unsplash integration (200k+ free images)

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Designing the perfect postcard is a combination of great copy, imagery, data for personalization, and a call-to-action. Since we launched our new self-service design tool, we’ve learned a lot about what we can do to make this task easier and more effective. We have two very exciting updates to share today which will help you design beautiful, data-driven postcards even faster.

Select from 200k+ free high-quality images available right now

Finding the perfect image that looks great, is high enough quality for print, and doesn’t blow up your budget can be a huge challenge. With our new Unsplash integration you now have 200k+ free, professional images available for use in your next postcard design. The next time you go to add an image you’ll see a new option titled Search free high-quality images. Click that to start searching for the perfect image. As you search, you can preview how each image will look in your design just by clicking it. High fives all around because your design game just went up a whole level.

Visualize each personalized postcard in the designer with live preview

If you use merge tags to personalize each postcard, you’ll want to see what each personalized postcard will look like. With our new live preview mode, you’ll be able to cycle through your campaign’s recipients and view how each of their postcards will look. To turn on live preview, simply select live preview at the bottom of the righthand pane. You’ll then be able to see each recipient and their full profile with any custom data you might have uploaded.

Designing beautiful postcards with data has never been this easy. You can expect a lot more unique design functionality soon!

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