New: Track direct mail conversions in real-time

New: Track direct mail conversions in real-time

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Today’s marketers thrive on data and knowing their campaigns’ ROI, but figuring this out for an offline campaign can be difficult at best. How do you know how many people converted or, more specifically, who converted? If you send direct mail through a traditional offline printer you’d have to build out your own internal way to track conversions or do your own adhoc reporting.   We think we’ve created a better way that you’re going to love.

Introducing conversion tracking with Mailjoy

We’ve created a way for you to track the conversions from individual postcards, visualize the results, and even get notified the moment a conversion happens. Our first release is around tracking website views. If your call-to-action is sending someone to your website, we’ll tell you things like how many visits you received, who visited and when, and your total conversion percentage.

Track direct mail ROI

How it works

The next time you setup a campaign, you’ll simply provide us with the destination URL — i.e. where you want people to go to. You can even add on UTM parameters so the traffic is properly attributed in your Google Analytics. By giving us the destination URL, we’ll convert it to a unique short URL for each recipient’s postcard. The URL is in the format with the c9df8dj part being unique to each recipient. When the recipient goes to the URL, they’ll be instantly redirected to your website and Mailjoy will log the conversion.

Tracking the results

We’ve overhauled the campaign reporting experience to give you even more insights into what happens after you send a campaign with Mailjoy. The new Results tab features a chart of the conversions as well as a feed of who converted and when. On the new Recipients tab you’ll see who converted and how many times they viewed your website. You can even filter by who converted and who didn’t.

Direct mail conversion tracking report

Real-time notifications

When someone converts, you know they’re interested in whatever you’re promoting. What if you could take action the moment that interest happens? Well, we have you covered there too! Whether you want to get notified in Slack or send the person a follow up email, you can do that with our new Zapier integration. We have a new conversion event trigger that lets you take action the moment a conversion event happens.

An example

I’ve setup a targeted campaign and want to do the following:

  • Track visits to my website
  • Properly attribute the traffic (UTM source: mailjoy; UTM medium: mail; UTM campaign: my-campaign)
  • Know who converted and get notified in Slack the moment a conversion happens

By using conversion tracking and our Zapier integration, we can do all of this and more!

Learn more about getting started with conversion tracking here. New to Mailjoy and want to send the easiest and smartest direct mail yet? Sign up here for free!

Note: Conversion tracking is now available for free and Pro users. Free users will only be able to see anonymous conversion events while Pro plan users can see exactly who converted and take action via our Zapier integration. If you’d like early access to Mailjoy Pro, please contact us.