Send personalized postcards to Kickstarter backers

Send personalized postcards to Kickstarter backers

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Over 120,000 campaigns have been successfully funded on Kickstarter, a popular crowdfunding site. If you’re one of those 120,000 campaign creators, you may be considering how you can effectively communicate with your backers. Sure, you can send them emails, but for some communications, you may want to send something a bit more personal. One option you might not have considered is physical mail, in this case postcards. You can use them to send any kind of message like a thank you, promo code, or a specific call-to-action to spread the word. With postcards, you can even design the front and back. This post will show you an extremely easy, cost-effective way to send a postcard campaign to your Kickstarter backers using Mailjoy.

Export your backers from Kickstarter

In your backer report, you can export backers and their USPS addresses.

Next, you’ll want to create a CSV in the format below. This will become your mailing list.

Create a campaign on Mailjoy

If you don’t have a Mailjoy account yet, sign up here. From there, click Create Campaign. Now to upload your mailing list of Kickstarter backers, simply select import recipients. We’ll then upload the recipients and validate their addresses with USPS. Next up, is creating the postcard design. You can either upload a graphic design or code one in HTML.

A sample design for the front of the postcard

On the back of your postcard, you can add a personal message that is unique to each backer. Using our merge tags feature, you can use their first name like I did here.  In this sample, I’ve chosen to use a handwriting-like font.

Preview the campaign

When everything looks good to go, you can preview the campaign. This lets you see every postcard in your campaign merged with the unique data for each recipient. If you’re happy with things, simply checkout and we’ll have the campaign printed and mailed within two days. From there, it only takes 3-5 business days to reach your backers.

Ready to send real mail to your backers? Sign up here for Mailjoy.

If you have any questions about getting started, simply drop us a note 🙂