Introducing Local Mail, an easy way to market locally with postcards

Introducing Local Mail, an easy way to market locally with postcards

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Sometimes when you’re targeting new customers, you want to focus on geography rather than by demographics or interests. Let’s say you’re a marketing manager whose product is an on-demand food delivery app that’s soon launching in a new market. Your goal is to maximize awareness of your product to the people in that market. Using mail is an effective way to reach a large portion of this market without having to get data on every person — which would be a huge challenge! Traditionally, this has been called saturation mailing or Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM). Doing it today typically requires finding a printer to print all of your postcards, filling out processing paperwork, organizing the postcards into small bundles, and a trip to your local post office to drop off the postcards. Recently, we launched the beta of a new product called Local Mail which does all of this — and more — in just a few clicks.

Local Mail is an easy way to send postcard campaigns to local markets. With it, you can target either whole zip codes or specific postal delivery routes within them. Simply search your target zip codes so we can show you every available postal delivery route and its associated data such as median household income and estimated population for different age buckets. After selecting your chosen routes and uploading a design, we’ll print and hand over your custom postcards to the post office for delivery — no paperwork or trips to the post office required!  Local Mail only uses our huge 11″ x 6″ postcard format which will standout in any mailbox.

Local Mail is currently in private beta. You can read more about it here, as well as request access from inside your Mailjoy dashboard.

Psst…We also have something new coming out in a few weeks to make creating Targeted and Local Mail campaigns even easier 🙂