How to create personalized postcard design using your own artwork (2023)

Add personalization to your own creatives and still use our designer to create a personalized postcard design for each recipient

How to create personalized postcard design using your own artwork (2023)

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Postcard design is equal parts creativity and best practices. At Mailjoy, we’ve seen brands and companies with design requirements that require them to use in-house design teams, freelance designers, or agencies to assist with their creatives. While we offer an amazing drag and drop postcard designer, these brands needed more design control. In this post, we’ll explore how you can design on-brand creatives, upload them to Mailjoy, and still use our postcard designer to create your own personalized postcard design for each recipient.

Creating Your Design Using Our Free Design Template

Your designer will need to design within our required template size. They can reference our guide on how to design within our template guidelines. We also have a Photoshop template they can use to get started.

For example, let’s start with the creative below which I designed in Photoshop for an upcoming event called Revenue Summit.

Simple postcard design

Uploading Your Artwork To The Campaign

To upload my artwork, I’ll simply add it as the background image for the design. If I didn’t want to personalize the design, I’d stop here. In this case, I’ll personalize it because personalization drives higher conversion rates.

Uploading my postcard design

Adding the Personalization to Your Postcard Design

Now let’s assume I’m mailing last year’s attendee list in hopes that they’ll come back this year. I’d like to personally invite each attendee back. So, I simply add a new text element and include the {{firstname}} merge tag within it. When it comes time to mail out the campaign, the tag will automatically change to each recipient’s first name.

Adding personalization to my design

Previewing the Final Personalized Postcard Design

With the design and personalization set, I can preview how the postcard would look for each recipient by using Live Preview mode. Once I turn it on, I can easily cycle through all the attendees in my mailing list, and any of the data that I used in my personalized postcard design will now appear.

Previewing the personalized postcard design

I can even go one step further by seeing a PDF proof of the merged design that would be sent to the printer.

Personalized postcard PDF proof

And that’s it! This design is ready to go.

To sum up, Mailjoy makes personalizing postcards as simple as possible. Adding personalized text to a campaign is often something a traditional print shop can’t do, but with Mailjoy, you can do it and preview the results in minutes. Get started now for free.