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How to code a personalized direct mail postcard

If you're a digital marketer in 2017 you're probably experienced with a variety of email platforms and know the difference between an HTML-formated email and a plain text email. In a way, direct mail has been the physical equivalent of a plain text email -- static and low frills. There's also a good chance that… ...
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New: Mailer personalization and the ability to code designs

The most effective marketing emails you send are the ones that are personalized for your target audience. Rather than have a one size fits all message, you can craft your messaging to an individual person. Campaign Monitor, an email marketing platform, organized a bunch of stats around how much personalization matters for email. Here are… ...
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Direct mail in a digital age

Marketers today are constantly looking for new channels that will drive the next leg of growth. It's a cycle of testing different channels (breadth), doubling down on ones that work (depth), and then riding the wave until the channel dries up. Most of these efforts tend to lie in the digital realm -- email, content,… ...
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