New: Personalize postcards with any type of data

New: Personalize postcards with any type of data

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Last month, we rolled out a new feature to let you personalize every postcard with some of the data associated with each recipient. It supported basic personalization for things like a recipient’s name or the ability to offer a custom promo code. Today, we’re about to knock things up a notch with custom fields support and a smarter way to import recipients.

Custom fields have finally arrived

You probably have a ton of unique data on each recipient. This could be their job title, company, the last product they ordered from you, or even their favorite type of latte. Now when you import your recipients, you can import this kind of data with our new custom fields feature. This data can be used as personalized text in your designs, and for the more technically inclined, you can even use it for unique images per mailer. The number of ways you can use this data to personalize each postcard is endless. Here are a few ideas:

  • Salespeople can reach out to prospects with a message that mentions their role and company.
  • Event organizers can thank recipients from a past event with the event name referenced, and then invite them to their next event.
  • Realtors can use property data to personalize each postcard when they reach out to prospective sellers.
  • Savvy marketers can use custom images to showcase a specific product unique to the recipient.

Custom fields can be created either in the new custom fields page found at the top of recipients, or during the import process. Beyond custom fields, email and company are new default Mailjoy merge tags. This means they’re always available and can be used with the tags {{email}} and {{company}}.

A new import experience

To making importing easier and support custom fields, we overhauled the import experience. Now you can upload any CSV with any number of columns in any kind of order. Once you select your file, we’ll let you map each column to a field in Mailjoy. If the field doesn’t exist in Mailjoy, you can now create it as a custom field and map it at the same time. With the exception of our required fields, importing any column of data is optional. Required fields include: first name, address, city, state, and zip.

If you’re strategizing how to use this powerful new feature and want help, drop us a note and say hi. We’d be happy to help!