Direct Mail Integrations: Connect Mailjoy to 5000+ apps with Zapier

Automate direct mail workflows with the apps and services you already use

Direct Mail Integrations: Connect Mailjoy to 5000+ apps with Zapier

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We’ve created Mailjoy to be the most effective and simple way to send out physical mail campaigns. While many companies just want to send one-off campaigns, others want to integrate mail into their marketing workflows. We’ve been building Mailjoy as the central platform for you to create, manage, and optimize mail as a channel. We have integrated with Zapier, which connects Mailjoy to 5000+ apps, so you can automate different workflows in minutes. So, in this post we’ll cover the types of direct mail integrations you can perform with our Zapier integration, and provide some examples.

How it works

With Zapier, you setup Zaps to automate your workflows. Each Zap you create performs a specific task involving Mailjoy and whatever app(s) you are using. In short, zaps consist of two parts: triggers and actions.

Triggers kick off a Zap because something has happened. For example, this could be a contact that was updated in Mailjoy, a new contact that was added to your Hubspot CRM, or a conversion that happened in one of your campaigns.

Actions are the actual automations performed because a trigger happened. For instance, to update/create a contact in Mailjoy or send the new contact added in Mailjoy to a Slack channel.

Ways to use the Zapier-Mailjoy integration

  • Shopify merchants can automatically add/update their new customers to a mailing list in Mailjoy. This makes promoting your next sale even easier. Note: This also works with other ecommerce stores like BigCommerce and Magento.
  • Hubspot users can automatically add contacts to a mailing list in Mailjoy when a contact is created or a tag is added in Hubspot. Note: This also works with other CRMs like Salesforce and Base.
  • Marketing and sales teams can trigger emails via Zapier email, Mailshake, or other email tools the moment someone converts from a Mailjoy campaign.
  • Marketers can get notifications in Slack the moment a conversion happens.
  • …and also thousands of other ways to have Mailjoy work with the apps your business uses.

Available Triggers for Outbound Direct Mail Integrations

We’ve created a variety of triggers that allow Mailjoy to communicate with other apps, or automate actions inside of Mailjoy itself. Our initial set of triggers focuses on managing contacts and campaign conversions.

Mailjoy triggers enable Direct Mail Integrations with Zapier

Available Actions for Incoming Direct Mail Integrations

We’ve created a variety of actions that allow you to set up inbound communication with Mailjoy from your other apps. Our initial set of actions focus on creating/editing contacts and managing their list memberships in Mailjoy.

Available Mailjoy actions that can be used with a variety of Zapier apps

You can see other highlighted Zapier integrations here. New to Mailjoy and want to send the easiest and smartest direct mail yet? Sign up here for free!

Note: Our Zapier integration is only available for Mailjoy credit plan users. If you’d like to learn more about Mailjoy credit plans, please visit our pricing page.