Introducing Segments, an easy way to create highly targeted campaigns

Introducing Segments, an easy way to create highly targeted campaigns

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After we released mailing lists which allow you to organize contacts into static mailing lists that you manually manage, we’ve seen you create lists for all sorts of things, but until today, there wasn’t much you could do with them.

Hello, Segmentation.

Imagine being able to organize your contacts into mailings lists based on things like their location, mailing history, purchase data, birthday, or signup dates. With Segmentation, you can. It’s the most powerful tool we’ve ever created to help you send more targeted campaigns.

Mailing list segmentation

Segments are dynamic lists that constantly add and remove contacts based on criteria you define. You simply choose different criteria and we’ll find all of your contacts that match it. Your segments can then be used as mailing lists in your campaigns.

Endless possibilities

For our launch, we’re initially offering 15 different conditions for you to select from. This covers everything from basic contact data like name and state to mailing history and last mailed dates.

Segmentation options

To inspire you for how creative you can get with segments, here are a few examples:

  • All contacts who live in the zip code 94105.
  • All contacts who live in San Francisco or New York City.
  • All contacts who you’ve never mailed.
  • All contacts who you haven’t mailed in the last 60 days.
  • All contacts who were added to your VIP list since September 15th.
  • All contacts with a birthday this month.
  • All contacts who were automatically created in Mailjoy via our Zapier integration.

Since we have no volume minimums when you send a campaign with us, you can create extremely granular segments to mail to even if it only includes a handful of people. Combine this hyper-targeting with personalizing each postcard and you’ll be sending some of the smartest direct mail on the planet.

How to get started with Mailing List Segmentation

We’ve redesigned the contacts page to make creating and managing both lists and segments simple. To create a segment, simply click the “Create new” button on the left panel and select segment. From there, you can start selecting different conditions to define your segment.

Learn more in our Getting started with segments guide.

Segmentation is only available for Mailjoy Pro users. Mailjoy Pro is a monthly subscription which gives you tons of additional features like Segmentation, and also includes a monthly allocation of postcard credits — often at a price lower than our pay as you go pricing! For example, if you’re mailing 1,000 contacts, upgrading to Pro will be a lower campaign cost and you’ll get access to all of the Pro features.

If you’d like to learn more about Pro or get started on it, please contact us.