Introducing letters, our newest type of direct mail

Introducing letters, our newest type of direct mail

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Mailjoy started with the idea that direct mail should be as easy, personalized, and smart as digital channels like email marketing. So we created an easy to use self-service platform that removed the complexities of direct mail. Things like having to source and work with local printers, needing to hire a graphic designer, and waiting on the long lead time from a campaign’s inception to delivery. Since 2017, we’ve seen thousands of campaigns for everything from startups to non-profit organizations.

To date, we’ve focused solely on postcards. They’re low cost and are great for marketing because their message is immediately visible. Along the way, we learned that while our customers love the Mailjoy experience, they also want to use it for other kinds of direct mail.

Hello, direct mail letters

Direct mail lettersWe’re excited to announce our newest mailer type — letters! They’re full color 8.5″ x 11″ pages delivered inside of a sealed envelope. Unlike postcards, they ensure your message remains private — perfect for B2B or potentially sensitive consumer mail. They also let you include more information as you have a whole page to work with.

Creating a direct mail letter campaign is as easy as creating a postcard campaign. The next time you create a campaign you’ll get to choose what kind of mailer campaign you want to send. We’ve also redesigned our direct mail designer to make designing letters easy. Our new letter templates can also help you get started even faster.

Similar to postcards, pricing for letters is pay-as-you-go and all-inclusive (print, postage, and tracking).

Learn more about our new letter campaigns.

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