How savvy realtors send real estate postcards

How savvy realtors send real estate postcards

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Direct mail is far from obsolete. In fact, recent changes in technology have made it a powerful tool to match the personalization and more data-driven techniques of digital marketing. Yes, print campaigns can be as sophisticated as digital campaigns. Savvy realtors who are looking for an edge in their markets still do real estate postcard marketing, but they personalize each postcard with data unique to the recipient. Every door direct mail tools still work, but if you have relevant data, you should use it.

The kind of campaign you run will depend on if you’re targeting buyers or sellers. The messaging, design and data you use should be relevant to the audience. For example, if you’re trying to get more houses listed in an area, you could use estimated pricing data for each property you reach out to. In this post, we’ll explore how surprisingly easy it can be to create personalized postcards with Mailjoy, a DIY tool to send direct mail campaigns as easily as email.

Choose a high-quality template

The design you choose is one of the most important elements to the success of your postcard campaign. All too often, postcards are poorly designed with low-quality stock imagery and way too much content stuffed together. You want to do the opposite: high-quality imagery with simple, concise messaging that drives action. You also don’t need to spend time hiring a graphic designer as we offer a variety of free postcard templates that are professionally designed for conversion. For imagery, you should use high-quality photos of relevant properties, or if you do need to search for some, check out Unsplash or Stocksy.

Real estate postcard designer

Create a mailing list

The mailing list is a list of properties you’d like to mail in your campaign. The list you upload can be more than just names and addresses, you can include any sort of data you want. In the above example, we referenced property value data. Simply include that in your list and then map the field as a new custom field when uploading.

Personalized real estate postcards

Design with data

With a postcard template selected and a list of properties to mail, you can now incorporate the custom data you uploaded into your design. Spoiler: This is where things get cool. Simply select any text field in the design and then click merge tags. This is where you’ll see all of the unique data you can add per postcard. At the top of the list, you’ll see the data you uploaded. Clicking it will then put it into your design in the format {{mergetag}} name. When each postcard is printed, the property value unique to that recipient will appear.

Personalized real estate postcards

Preview the campaign

You can preview what each unique postcard will look like right from your browser. The live preview tool lets you see each recipient’s fully personalized postcard with the data you uploaded and merged.

How to do this easily

Mailjoy is a DIY tool to send direct mail campaigns as easily as email. Targeted mail is a product that lets you send data-driven postcards using the methods shown here. All postcards are printed, mailed (First Class postage), and tracked.  Your recipients will receive their postcard in 4-6 business days.