New: Personalize images for every direct mail recipient

New: Personalize images for every direct mail recipient

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Personalization is key to an effective direct mail campaign. At Mailjoy, it’s something we spend a lot of time thinking about when it comes to how you create campaigns with us. Until today, direct mail personalization was only possible with text through merge tags such as “Hey {{firstname}}” or “Enjoy 10% off with code {{discountcode}}”. Now you can extend personalization to your images too! Imagine one of your postcard recipients seeing not only creative copy personalized for them, but also corresponding images.

How to personalize images in your direct mail campaigns

Image personalization is a new source type when you go to add an image. This means you can now upload an image, search through 200,000+ free, professional images through Unsplash, or personalize per recipient. To use image personalization, you’ll need to set up a custom field with URLs to each image per recipient. This is a more advanced feature so be sure to check out our Personalizing images guide.

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Get access to image personalization with Mailjoy Pro

Image personalization is available for Mailjoy Pro users. Mailjoy Pro is a monthly subscription which gives you tons of additional features like Segmentation, and also includes a monthly allocation of postcard credits — often at a price lower than our pay as you go pricing! For example, if you’re mailing 1,000 contacts, upgrading to Pro will be a lower campaign cost and you’ll get access to all of the Pro features.

If you’d like to learn more about Pro or get started on it, please contact us.