New: Create contacts and organize them into mailing lists

New: Create contacts and organize them into mailing lists

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Your customer, prospect, and member data already lives in other tools like your e-commerce store or CRM. We’ve learned that having to export their data to create a mailing list for every direct mail campaign can be time-consuming. Today’s release is our first step in helping you manage that data so postcards can become a more integrated part of your marketing toolkit.


Mailjoy now provides full contact management! This means the next time you import your customers, prospects, or member data into Mailjoy, they’ll be available for future use. Contacts are more than just name and mailing address, you can append any kind of additional data through custom fields to create rich profiles. Any contact data can be used to personalize mailers, and in the not too distant future, create dynamic segments.

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Mailing lists for postcard marketing

Mailing Lists

You can also now organize your contacts into mailing lists so you can create better-targeted campaigns. Mailing lists work just like the mailing lists you’ve been building for your email newsletters. Contacts can be organized into as many mailings lists as you’d like. You can create mailing lists for anything  — i.e. VIP customers, members who joined in a certain month, contacts that you imported from a certain tool, etc.

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direct mail mailing lists for postcard marketing

Mailing history

One of the main benefits of our new contacts feature is that we can now provide a mailing history for each contact. This means you now have an easy way to see every postcard you’ve sent them, how many postcards you’ve sent, and when was the last time that you mailed them.

postcard mailing history

A connected direct mail platform

We’re building an open direct mail platform that works with the tools you use. At the current time, we have two exciting features in private beta to help with that. The first is an integration with Zapier, a tool that connects Mailjoy to 750+ apps. If you’re a Zapier user, please contact us to get access.The second is a powerful API to integrate Mailjoy into your own private workflows, or even other apps. If you’re a developer and would like to learn more, please contact us.

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