Design beautiful direct mail postcards and letters with our self-service design tool

Design beautiful direct mail postcards and letters with our self-service design tool

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A postcard’s design is an essential element in a mail campaign, but yet the majority of direct mail postcard campaigns sent by companies today look like they were designed in the 1990’s. Consumers care more about design than ever so why not make it a priority? Using a clean, high-quality design is critical to effectively communicate your product or service, and what it offers.

Many of our customers don’t have design talent in-house, and even if they do, they’re often asking us for resources on how to design an effective postcard. While there is an abundance of resources online for high-quality email templates and best practices, there isn’t one for direct mail postcards.

An easy to use direct mail postcard design tool

Mailjoy started as a simple tool to run postcard campaigns with graphic designs you either upload or create in HTML, but we knew the real value was in helping businesses design a beautiful postcard that converts while in the browser. All this should be done without the need to hire a designer or search the web for examples. With our postcard design tool, you can create beautiful designs in minutes. Either use one of our templates or customize them to your liking.

Templates, templates, templates

Design inspiration is everywhere with our customizable templates. Templates fall into two types: basics and themes. Basics are premade layouts to inspire you, while themes are professionally designed postcards for specific industries like say real estate. Themes feature high-resolution imagery that is guaranteed to print well. We’ll also be rolling out new designs, and we’re relying on community feedback to help drive what sorts of templates we should be creating. Each postcard size offers a different selection of templates.

Direct mail postcard basic Basic template

Direct mail postcard theme Theme template

Personalization in seconds

Our postcard design tool makes it easier than ever to personalize postcards with merge tags. So, the next time you start editing text, simply click merge tags for a wide range of data to use in your design. And remember, you can merge any data you upload with your recipients.

Direct mail postcard personalization