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How savvy realtors use real estate direct mail effectively in 2023

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Direct mail is far from obsolete. In fact, recent changes in technology have made it a powerful tool to match the personalization and more data-driven techniques of digital marketing. Did you know that print campaigns…

How to design a postcard: Strategy and design tips for postcards that convert

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Mail is something nearly everyone gets, but not all mail is created equal. While some mail may be personal in nature, many companies use mail as a marketing channel — aka direct mail — to…

Expert tips on building a mailing list from Will Spero, CEO of Mailers Haven

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Buying or renting a mailing list is an investment. With targeting being an essential element of a direct mail campaign, it’s important that the data quality for your target audience is high. At Mailjoy, we…

How to create a direct mail mailing list in 2023

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In the digital world, how to build an email list is well documented with 1000’s of people weighing in on different tactics. On the physical side of things where real tangible mail and physical addresses…

Send personalized postcards to Kickstarter backers

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Over 120,000 campaigns have been successfully funded on Kickstarter, a popular crowdfunding site. If you’re one of those 120,000 campaign creators, you may be considering how you can effectively communicate with your backers. Sure, you…