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How to send direct mail campaigns like a digital marketer in 2023

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There’s a shift in the direct mail landscape that’s making it easier to create and send direct mail effectively. Digital marketers are already experienced with running data-driven campaigns. So, you can apply many of the…

Send personalized postcards to Kickstarter backers

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Over 120,000 campaigns have been successfully funded on Kickstarter, a popular crowdfunding site. If you’re one of those 120,000 campaign creators, you may be considering how you can effectively communicate with your backers. Sure, you…

How to code a personalized direct mail postcard

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If you’re a digital marketer in 2017 you’re probably experienced with a variety of email platforms and know the difference between an HTML-formated email and a plain text email. In a way, direct mail has…

New: Mailer personalization and the ability to code designs

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The most effective marketing emails you send are the ones that are personalized for your target audience. Rather than have a one size fits all message, you can craft your messaging to an individual person.…

Direct mail in a digital age

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Marketers today are constantly looking for new channels that will drive the next leg of growth. It’s a cycle of testing different channels (breadth), doubling down on ones that work (depth), and then riding the…