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Todd Goldberg

Direct Mail Letters: The Perfect Solution for Personalized Marketing

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Mailjoy started with the idea that direct mail should be as easy, personalized, and smart as digital channels like email marketing. So we created an easy to use self-service platform that removed the complexities of direct…

Advance acceptance postcards

How Advance Acceptance uses postcards to personally onboard customers

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This is the second post in our new customer spotlight series. In it, we’ll hear from founders, marketers, communication specialists, and others who use Mailjoy postcards for their businesses and organizations. In this post, we’ll…

Become a postcard marketing pro

Mailjoy Pro is here with new features and lower cost postcards

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Mailjoy was initially designed as a simple tool to send one-off direct mail postcard marketing campaigns. It does this by being do-it-yourself simple, offering personalization, providing tracking capabilities, promoting straightforward transparent pricing, and most importantly,…

Direct mail personalization for images

New: Personalize images for every direct mail recipient

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Personalization is key to an effective direct mail campaign. At Mailjoy, it’s something we spend a lot of time thinking about when it comes to how you create campaigns with us. Until today, direct mail…

How Beat Nb, a non-profit, uses personalized direct mail for fundraising events

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This is the first of many posts in our new customer spotlight series. In it, we’ll hear from founders, marketers, communication specialists, and others who use Mailjoy personalized direct mail for their businesses and organizations.…

Segmentation options

Introducing Segments, an easy way to create highly targeted campaigns

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After we released mailing lists which allow you to organize contacts into static mailing lists that you manually manage, we’ve seen you create lists for all sorts of things, but until today, there wasn’t much…

How to create personalized postcard design using your own artwork (2023)

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Postcard design is equal parts creativity and best practices. At Mailjoy, we’ve seen brands and companies with design requirements that require them to use in-house design teams, freelance designers, or agencies to assist with their creatives. While we offer an amazing…

Direct Mail Templates

Design postcards with our drag and drop designer (2023)

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Postcard design is an important part of any direct mail campaign. When we first launched our self-service postcard designer, we offered basic design capabilities around a small set of pre-made templates. Today, our drag and drop…

Direct Mail Integrations: Connect Mailjoy to 5000+ apps with Zapier

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We’ve created Mailjoy to be the most effective and simple way to send out physical mail campaigns. While many companies just want to send one-off campaigns, others want to integrate mail into their marketing workflows. We’ve been…

Direct mail conversion tracking

Track direct mail conversions in real-time (2023)

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Today’s marketers thrive on data and knowing their campaigns’ ROI, and rightly so, but figuring this out for an offline campaign can be difficult at best. This is especially challenging if you are new to marketing,…