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Direct mail strategies for digital marketers
Postcard templates

Design postcards with our new drag and drop designer

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Postcard design is an important part of any direct mail campaign. In May, we launched our first self-service postcard designer which offered basic design capabilities around a small set of pre-made templates. Today, we’re launching a drag and drop postcard designer with new functionality and loads of additional templates. The personalized postcards you can design with it will blow…

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New: Connect Mailjoy to 750+ apps with Zapier

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We’ve created Mailjoy to be the most effective and simple way to send out physical mail campaigns. While many companies just want to send one-off campaigns, others want to integrate mail into their marketing workflows. We’ve been building Mailjoy as the central platform for you to create, manage, and optimize mail as a channel. Our first native integration…

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Direct mail conversion tracking

New: Track direct mail conversions in real-time

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Today’s marketers thrive on data and knowing their campaigns’ ROI, but figuring this out for an offline campaign can be difficult at best. How do you know how many people converted or, more specifically, who converted? If you send direct mail through a traditional offline printer you’d have to build out your own internal way to track…

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direct mail mailing lists

New: Create contacts and organize them into mailing lists

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Your customer, prospect, and member data already lives in other tools like your e-commerce store or CRM. We’ve learned that having to export their data to create a mailing list for every direct mail campaign can be time-consuming. Today’s release is our first step in helping you manage that data so postcards can become a more…

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New: Live preview mode and an Unsplash integration (200k+ free images)

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Designing the perfect postcard is a combination of great copy, imagery, data for personalization, and a call-to-action. Since we launched our new self-service design tool, we’ve learned a lot about what we can do to make this task easier and more effective. We have two very exciting updates to share today which will help you…

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real estate marketing postcards

How savvy realtors send real estate postcards

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Direct mail is far from obsolete. In fact, recent changes in technology have made it a powerful tool to match the personalization and more data-driven techniques of digital marketing. Yes, print campaigns can be as sophisticated as digital campaigns. Savvy realtors who are looking for an edge in their markets still do real estate postcard marketing,…

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Direct mail postcard personalization

Design beautiful postcards with our new self-service design tool

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A postcard’s design is an essential element in a mail campaign, but yet the majority of postcards sent by companies today look like they were designed in the 1990’s. Consumers care more about design than ever so why not make it a priority? Using a clean, high-quality design is critical to effectively communicate your product…

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Email marketing tactics that you should be using for direct mail

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Marketers today rely on data to personalize content, measure results, and improve future marketing efforts. Email marketing is a well-known path with plenty of well documented best practices. Direct mail, which has traditionally been viewed as an old, analog channel is making a comeback as technology is being created to make it smarter and easier…

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5 postcard examples from popular startups

5 postcard examples from popular startups

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Direct mail isn’t just used by local businesses. Startups across a variety of industries use direct mail postcards for different purposes. Some use it for acquiring new customers, while others use it to reengage existing customers. We’ve rounded up a few postcards from popular startups that do direct mail well. If you’re looking for tips…

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Introducing Local Mail, an easy way to market locally with postcards

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Sometimes when you’re targeting new customers, you want to focus on geography rather than by demographics or interests. Let’s say you’re a marketing manager whose product is an on-demand food delivery app that’s soon launching in a new market. Your goal is to maximize awareness of your product to the people in that market. Using mail…

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